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Our Brampton dental team makes it easy and comfortable to have a tooth extracted, no matter what the reason. Visit us to learn how we cater to your unique needs!

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There are various reasons why a tooth may need to be removed. Whether the reason is that it is a wisdom tooth that's causing pain, is fractured (and can't be repaired), infected, or crowded by other teeth, our Brampton dental team has the expertise and experience to get that tooth removed with minimal discomfort.

If you require a tooth extraction, our Brampton dentists will make sure you feel prepared and ready before any treatment. This includes taking appropriate X-rays, discussing treatment options, reviewing your medical history, and reviewing pre- and post-operative instructions. Our brampton dental team prioritizes the comfort of our patients, so rest assured you are in good hands.

If you think you may need to get a tooth or more extracted, contact our downtown Brampton dental office today!

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