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Dental hygiene & check-up appointments help identify potential problems and maintain good oral hygiene. Visit our Brampton dental office to stay informed about your oral health!

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Regular dental hygiene and check-up appointments are a crucial part of maintaining good oral health. At every appointment, our downtown Brampton dental team will examine the inside of your mouth for things that can affect your oral and overall health. There are many conditions and signs that our Brampton dentists and hygienists are trained to detect.

A typical hygiene appointment at Brampton Dental Studio will consist of your hygienist scaling your teeth and clearing any plaque, tartar, and other debris that may be present around your teeth and gums. Professional dental cleanings can remove tartar buildup that your daily dental routine cannot clean. It is the best way to help prevent gum disease and keep your smile shining bright.

On your first visit to our Brampton dental office, our team will perform a complete dental exam to thoroughly assess the following:

  • Examination of diagnostic X-rays (radiographs): Essential tool for detection of decay, tumours, cysts, and bone loss.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: The goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early when there is a greater chance for a cure. We check the face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any early signs of cancer
  • Gum disease evaluation: Our Brampton dentist or dental hygienist checks the gums and bones around the teeth for any signs and symptoms of periodontal disease.
  • Examination of tooth decay: All teeth and tooth surfaces will be inspected for decay using unique instruments and radiographs.
  • Examination of existing restorations: Composite resins, fillings, amalgams, Crowns, etc. are evaluated to see the state of the restoration.
  • Examination of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ): Our Brampton dentist will be looking for altered opening and closing pathways, abnormal sounds, tenderness, and limitations upon opening.

Detecting these conditions early makes them easier and less expensive to treat, which is why our Brampton dental team strongly stresses staying consistent and up-to-date with your regular check-up appointments.

Getting routine check-ups at our Brampton dental office can also help identify any loose filings or any signs of infection or decay, both of which are risk factors for a dental emergency. Routine check-ups, coupled with regular dental practices, are very effective at reducing the chance of a dental emergency.

Book a hygiene and check-up appointment at our downtown Brampton dental office today to ensure your oral health is well cared for!

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